Hi to all our Dressage Riders!

Please remember that new passports can only be stamped by the body with which the horse is registered – i.e. Discipline Association.

There is a process – please see attached.

Issuing of Passports

PASSPORT PROTOCOL – General Regulations



Please also make sure that strict records are kept as to the passport numbers and who they have been issued to. Each DA will have to get a stamp made . Passports can NOT be stamped by the agent.



The EU can call for a passport audit at any time – we should have the records available and checks and balances in place to ensure that we are monitoring the AHS inoculations with all our horses – this is critical in respect to our quarantine restrictions . So copies of the passports need to be available and also the AHS checks should be carried out on an ongoing basis. Flu vacs and AHS details should also be included in every show entry firm.


With kind regards


Shelly Beckbessinger

Secretary General

South African Equestrian Association